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This is the horse I always wanted to paint. It has magic and energy.  This colorful vibrant design will create a profound impact in any room. Original on 30 x 48 canvas available. 900.00 Also available in prints. Do you have a friend that makes you laugh at yourself. And if there was a pea pod big enough you'd be head to head in it together? If you do...consider yourself lucky! Mine drives a VW bus with hula hoops on the front, wears funny glasses and mops on her feet!  And if she could find a way... bubbles would follow her everywhere she went! Inspired by Amanda Graham Noble (who also has the original!)

Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.
To Life T shirt
Price: $29.95
Before I started adding the faces
(which was recently)
this was another,
To Life design,
made for a friend.
She thought it was
'too kiddish' so I kept it
and instead of the wine glass,
I added (yum)
an ice cream cone instead.
Who doesn't like ice cream?

The original hangs in my kitchen
and makes me smile everyday.

Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.
To Life. Celebrating life with a T shirt that's say's it all. Only done in a brunette hair color, sorry to the blondes.
( All shirts have the Be Free Be Wild spiral logo on the back.) No Shrinkage.

Bust line measurements:

Small 15.5"
Medium 16.5"
Large 17.5"
X large 19.5"
XX Large 20.5"
Savanna Banana, is an unlikely hero.
A mischievous misadventuring mess,
who wants to be herself, unless she can be a unicorn.
She often makes mistakes,
that turn into something great.
And she always
believes in magic and make believe.
Because anything is possible!

Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.
Had this painting in my head for a long time. Finally took the time to stop circling the idea one late night, days before my annual opening at the Java Rush coffee shop! Being quite intimidated by the process and with no time to fail...I had to trust that creative magic would happen! This is about those times we know we aren't going anywhere but in the same circle, but knowing we will get off when we are ready!

Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.